About us

Founder Patrick Magee, Co-founders Mike Price & Fionn Herlihy are proud sports people. We recognise the excitement and happiness that grassroots sport brings to the lives of so many people. It is often the glue that unites communities together all around the world.

PáircTV has been founded with the sole aim of satisfying that desire for sport that burns deep within so many of us. It is a social platform dedicated to sharing live and on-demand amateur sport to an audience far and wide.

PáircTV delivers quality livestreams, highlights packages and discussion forums to make you feel at home no matter where you are. We feel we have a responsibility to rapidly expand the spectrum of sports coverage, so you will never miss a game again. More coverage means more families staying connected, more footage means more insights, more exposure means more opportunity to recognise the talent & hard work players, coaches & organisations deserve.

Never miss a moment. You create the memories; we will deliver & protect them.